Current Project!

Currently, our team is making preparations to build a school in Kenya.

Our main objective is to move the children of a small Homa Bay community, from an unsafe, unsanitary facility and build a bigger, cleaner, safer place for them to learn and grow in school.

Our OLF facility was designed to allow outside air to flow throughout the building, creating a cool and comfortable temperature for classrooms in countries with harsh hot climates. We aim to neutralize the current classrooms with metal heat conducting roofs and walls that created overheating and overexertion in students and teachers.

Check out our school’s design.olf-homa-bay-1-render-2-f

Meet The OLF School! The roof was designed to allow natural airflow throughout the building, creating a comfortable consistent cooling temperature, better for learning. The Windows around the school were designed to allow natural light to enter the facility, negating the overuse of electric energy that can be saved for the evenings using solar panels on the center roof piece.

The Inside! olf-homa-bay-1-render-interior-f

Inside each classroom, whether rain or shine, the students will be protected against the elements and the lighting structure will never leave our children in the dark. Depending on community, the school can be scaled to size to fit more or less children inside.

Help-y Hour Fundraiser!

Our Fundraiser on August 6th, 2016 was a major success! Thanks to all of our friends and family members, we raised over $3000 toward building our school in Homa Bay, Kenya! Just as important as funding, our team has also made amazing connections with new friends that are on board with our mission to build schools and bring education to children around the world. We thank and love you all!


Research Team

Meet Erica and Matt! Only Love Foundation research team, building relationships with the children and residents of Homa Bay Kenya. After volunteering with the community in Homa Bay, Matt and Erica felt that more can be done to build a safe, clean and sustainable community. There are many children in the area that do not have space to  learn, in a school setting. It was clear to our organization, that this is where our first Only Love Foundation School will be built!

Matt & Erica enjoying themselves, while volunteering in the Primary School. It is important that kids receive individual attention, allowing teachers to help the children explore their own imagination, creativity and potential.
Matt brought sports equipment to promote health & exercise, and prevent burnout. Playtime is just as important as learning time.
Tangneduk Group and Only Love team crafting gardening tools to clean up and restore the land.
Erica and Matt getting down and dirty! Restoring the earth. Cleaning the soil for future planting.




Feeding the Good People of NYC

Led by our friends Noman Rana and Moshiur Tarafdar, the Only Love Team came together to make as many sandwiches as we could and spent the day driving around New York City in an effort to reach those who truly needed a little extra help.

Love is contagious, and we experienced love all around us on this day as people were sincerely grateful for the OLF team’s work. Many of the homeless people we spoke to were amazingly gifted and had stories to tell.

One woman in particular decided that she could not, in good faith, take our food without giving us something in return. She reached into her bag of mysterious goodies and pulled out a pair of shorts. She explained to OLF team member, Leslie, that she can no longer fit this pair of shorts anymore and would like to trade. Then, for about 15 minutes she told Leslie about her recent experience living on the streets. She spoke of how people would shout at her and say mean things and that she was happy to see that there are still people out there who care.

Another homeless woman was sitting outside on the floor painting one of the most beautiful oil paintings I have ever seen. I remember thinking to myself that these streets are full of amazingly talented people, whether rich or poor, living in a condo or homeless, economic status doesn’t matter when it comes to the heart.

OLF West Coast Team in Mexico


Old friends coming together to bring boxes of school supplies to ‘City of Angels’ orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.

School supplies provided by our friends S&S World Wide. Check out our story about this venture with our West Coast OLF team! It was our pleasure and privilege to be able to supply this orphanage of multiple uses; school, church, and home, with school supplies for a year!