250 Million kids in the world have never been to school.

Imagine, a generation of potential genius individuals that we will never find, due to the lack of educational possibilities.

There are many children in the world whose potential will never be unlocked if we do not find them and educate them.

Follow us around the world to build, teach, and unlock the potential of children that will lead us into a beautiful future.


We would love to stay in contact with you, and hear about issues around the world that we could help!

Cant wait to hear from you!

Only Love Foundation                                                                                                                            206 Ash Street Valley Stream, NY, 11580                                                                                   Phone: (917)864-2334                                                                                                                    Email:


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello. I have recently visited Nairobi, Kenya fo the first time. It has give life to my outlook on world conditions. I am very interested to learning more about your organization and what I can do to be a part of it. As a kindergarten teacher in Quens, New York for the past 3 years I am eager to have an active share in this initiative.


  2. Hi Annie! My name is Craig Taylor executive director of Only Love Foundation . I will get back to you this week. Sorry I couldn’t answer I was in Chicago for the weekend. Thank you for your message we always love the extra support! Speak to you soon!


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